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Nile Clyde Lang, Art
Digital Media Enhancement Project
Mentor: Mr. Ron Bechet

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Artist’s Statement

When reflecting on college years, people often recall only the good times, the events that make good stories: the parties, spring break and the dorm life, never looking back at where they got lost, where there was a bump in the road. But sometimes the most fun part of the trip is the journey itself. Henry David Thoreau once said, “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves” (“Ourselves”).

My struggle to figure out who I am and who I want to be drives my work. My self-discovery is not about what I have found, who I am, or who I will be, but why I am that way and how I got there. My goal is to understand myself, with my works being a window to my own consciousness.

Plexiglas has become one of my favorite forms to carve into; it is brittle yet soft. It can shatter and crack which produces the ridged, angular forms that often appear in my work and, most importantly, it is translucent. This translucent quality parallels my work’s ability to cause me to reflect on my thoughts and emotions without being self-aware.

My most recent pieces confront issues of drinking, a popular college pastime. Drinking may be a fun activity but it also causes a sense of self-reflection. The continuous contour line represents the highs and lows of the drug. The gray tones represent that gray area that I almost never discuss, as well as the confusion, anger and anomie that college entails and being young can cause.

Contemplation (Drypoint Print on Paper), 2009 8x10in

Building 44 (Drypoint Print on Paper), 2010 8x10in

Digital Media Enhancement

“Enhancing Scholarship through Digital Media” is a XULAneXUS initiative that focuses on the use of digital media to enhance a scholarly work, either after it has been authored and published OR in the process of preparing it for publication. Nile Clyde Lang's "Anomie" was originally published in Volume 7, Issue 2. His digitally enhanced version of the work appears in Volume 8, Issue 1.

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