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A Journey Through Child Development: An Analysis of Child Behavior

Courtney C. Christy
Mentor: Dr. Annette Iskra

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This essay examines the inner workings of child development through the application of Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, Lev Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory, and Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory of moral development to observations that were made at McMillian’s First Steps Child Care Center. This essay was originally composed to fulfill an assignment in Psychology 1012: Human Development, which was a service-learning class that required volunteer work at a particular field site. I chose to volunteer my service at McMillian’s First Steps Child Care Center. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the inability of young children to think abstractly and how this component affects their behavior. The essay is a result of sixteen hours of service-learning interaction with the children at the child care center. These interactions transpired over a period of three months which allowed for the observation of the consistency, progression, and development of and the above theories. Several students (whose names have been changed for confidentiality purposes) provided support for the claim that young children are unable to think logically therefore affecting their behavior.

Key Terms

Theory of Cognitive Development, Sociocultural Theory, Theory of Moral Development

About the Author

Courtney Christy is a Psychology major with a minor in English from LaPlace, LA. Upon graduating from Xavier, she plans on attending graduate school to focus on industrial and organizational psychology. Read more ...

About the Faculty Mentor

Dr. Annette Iskra, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, has a research background in trauma, PTSD, stress, mental health, and cultural psychology.

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