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The Different Shades of Brown

Tiara M. Barthé
Mass Communication
Mentor: Dr. Lisa Flanagan

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This performance was constructed to satisfy an assignment in Communication Studies 2400: The Theatre. The objective of my work is to use performance as a tool to deconstruct the African American identity. There are many factors that affect an identity, including one’s culture, family, and exposure to mass media. My performance consists of a personal narrative, performance theory, and media images, all constructed into performed characters: President Barack Obama, Tyrone, Rebecca, India Arie, a mother, and myself. While the characters share an identity (ethnicity), their personalities and everyday lives drastically differ. The performance suggests there is no one way to perform an African American identity.

Key Terms

Performance of Identity, Race, Gender

About the Author

Tiara Barthé is a Mass Communications major with a minor in Communications Studies from Scotch Plains, NJ. Upon graduating from Xavier, she plans to pursue a career as a television director. Read more ...

About the Faculty Mentor

Dr. Lisa Flanagan, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communications, has a research background in Communication Studies with a concentration in Performance Studies.

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