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Jasmine Wise
Mentor: Dr. Lisa Flanagan

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This original performance piece was used to fulfill a “Performance of Culture/Identity” assignment in Communication Studies 2400: The Theatre. The goal of the assignment was to “demonstrate an understanding of culture and/or identity as performed constructions and to use performance to show the values attached to culture and/or identity.” “Hair” used the notion of doing one’s hair as a performance of culture in the African American community. Using personal narrative and performance theory, the performer tells her rite of passage journey into doing her own hair. The piece has been performed at the Petit Jean Performance Festival in Arkansas and the “Performing Identity & Ritual” showcase at Xavier University.

Key Terms

Social Construction of Identity, Performance of Culture, Rite of Passage

About the Author

Jasmine Wise is a Psychology major with a minor in Sociology from Monroe, LA. Upon graduating from Xavier in 2012, she plans to pursue a graduate degree in Community or Social Psychology. Read more ...

About the Faculty Mentor

Dr. Lisa Flanagan, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communications, has a research background in Communication Studies with a concentration in Performance Studies.

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